Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Notes on representation of age Skis

This episode starts off with the diegetic sounds of, what we later discover to be, someone skateboarding, this is a stereotypical hobby of the youth of today. This is then heightened through imagery, as the first image we see is one of the main characters shoe which has a drawing of a cannabis leaf on it, suggesting he's a weed smoker, another stereotype. However, the character's face isn't revealed until he reads the message on his phone. Although through the mise-en-scene it is clear that this character is a male teenager through his attire as his top and trainers are quite dirty and his trousers are ripped suggesting that he doesn't have much pride in his appearance. Nonetheless, the hat suggests that he does have some sense of style, this could be because of his youth.

This screenshot shows the CU shot of the character receiving a text message from his friend. This CU of the text shows its importance as the next shot is a reveal shot of the characters reaction. This gives the audience an idea that this is a regular occurrence that is deemed normal rather than something bad.

To reveal the character a low angle shot, this portrays the character as quite heroic, moreover, this shot also suggests that smoking weed is seen to be quite heroic and cool. However the scene that follows this is far more dangerous than heroic as he is about to skateboard down a busy road with cars driving in both directions, nonetheless, through his expression he illustrates his lack of care thus presenting the youth as thrill seekers who don't think about the dangers and consequences, a negative connation.

At the point of the 360 degree there is non diegetic sound which appears to be a guitar riff which is usually associated with rock and roll, this also could be a clue into the type of music this particular teenager is into. Furthermore, this sound thus heightens the danger of this action. The characters complete disregard of the danger of the commute is a result of the text from his friend Cook stating "smoking ur last spliff". Drug use is another representation of teenagers as it has been associated with the youth since the hippie movement in the 70's.                                

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